Reworking the Website, Online Store, and Storefront Updates

Our website has been less than operational for a number of years and with the growth of storefront business, our logical next step is to revamp the website and make serious changes to adapt to the digital era (albeit a few years too late). As of right now, this website is still ugly and incomplete, but that's a process that will take time to finish so hopefully that’ll be done soon.

With this remade website we also want to introduce a small online store, shipping within the continental United States. At the time of this blog post we’re shipping smaller items like trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape, etc.. through our Instagram's instant message (linked below).

Staying along the lines of shipping products, we will be doing a giveaway of two sets of Powell Peralta Snakes in the next few weeks. One set of 69mm White Snakes and one set of 66mm Black Snakes. Giveaway rules follow:

  • Follow our Instagram

  • Like our giveaway post (to be posted)

  • Tag 3 friends in comments of giveaway post

  • Comment which set you'd prefer (not guaranteed to get preference if won)

Following these steps gives you your one and only entry for either set.

As for storefront updates:

The in-store mini ramp is open again for those who didn’t know. All riders are required to sign a new waiver as our records are being reset, and for those under 18 a parent and/or guardian must sign for the rider.

With the end of the summer approaching, new management at the storefront is being put in place so email and message responses may slow down a little but that won’t be forever. We ask that everyone be patient with us while making this transition to a more digital format. There’s a lot of change that needs to happen to get us up to the level that we hope to be at, once we make it there we will be able to provide the level of service that we feel our customers across the country most deserve.

We hope to be fully up and running soon and we look forward to helping all of you with your skateboarding needs!

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